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Adding a Cloud Account

This page explains how to add cloud service provider keys to your PW organization, which will allow you to provision infrastructure that all members of your organization can use to start clusters.


The steps included on this page should be completed by an administrator in your organization.

Navigate to your organization settings (Username > Organization).

Screenshot of the user selecting Organization from the User dropdown menu.

On the next page, click Keys.

Screenshot of the user clicking the Keys tab.

In Keys, click + New Key.

Screenshot of the user clicking the button + New Key.

Select your cloud service provider from the Type dropdown menu.

Next, you'll add your cloud account key. This process looks slightly different for each cloud service provider; you can choose the one you're using from the options below.

AWS uses access keys for authentication. You'll need both your access key and private access key to add your AWS account to the PW platform.

If you don't have an access key, you can create one.

After entering your credentials, click Create Cloud Key.

On the next page, you'll see the message Security credentials added. Your new key will be listed in the Keys tab.