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Configuring Multipliers

This page explains how to set a billing multiplier for your organization. This number is multiplied by the true cost of the instance to determine the displayed cost of the instance in the organization's billing dashboard. This feature is useful for integrating the total billing cost of both platform charges and partner charges for your customers.

Please note that multipliers are a nested feature, which means that lower levels inherit the settings of higher levels. If you make changes to the multiplier at the partner level, any organizations that have their multiplier set to Default Settings will inherit the partner settings.

You can further customize billing multipliers on the organization level by navigating to  Organization > OrganizationName > Partner.


The steps included on this page can only be completed by PW partners. For more information, please see About Group Roles.

Navigate to your organization settings (Username > Organization).

Screenshot of the user selecting Organization from the User dropdown menu.

On the next page, click the partner icon for the organization you're editing.

Screenshot of the user clicking the Partner icon.

In Partner, navigate to Billing Multiplier to make changes.

If Default Multiplier is selected, users will be charged at the default cost. The checkboxes for providers are locked while Default Multiplier is selected.

Select Custom Multiplier to make changes.

Screenshot of the user selecting Custom Multiplier.

Enter a number in the field below Custom Multiplier.

When you’re done, click Save Partner Settings. Your changes will be applied immediately.

Screenshot of the user clicking the button Save Partner Settings.