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Configuring Providers

About Providers

Providers affect which resources your users can create or start. Limiting providers is useful if users in your organization only need certain types of resources.

Please note that providers are an aggregated feature, which means that the visible providers for users are a combination of your organization-level settings and group-level settings.


If your organization enables only Google clusters, but a group enables only Azure clusters, that group’s users will be able to create both Google and Azure clusters.

If instead your organization has all providers disabled but a group has Azure clusters enabled, that group’s users will be able to create Azure clusters.

Lastly, if your organization has only Google clusters enabled but a group has all providers disabled, that group's users will be able to create Google clusters.

Enabling Providers

This section explains how to choose which providers your PW organization will be able to access.


The steps included on this page can only be completed by PW platform administrators and users with the org:admin role. For more information, please see About Group Roles.

Navigate to your organization settings (Username > Organization).

Screenshot of the user selecting Organization from the User dropdown menu.

On the next page, click Providers.

Screenshot of the user selecting Providers in their organization settings.

All of our currently offered resource types are listed in Providers.

If Default Settings is selected, users will have access to all resources from all providers. The checkboxes for providers are locked while Default Settings is selected.

Select Custom Settings to make changes.

Screenshot of the user selecting Custom Settings in the Providers tab.

To enable providers, click the empty checkbox for whichever resources you want your organization to have.

To remove providers, click the blue checkboxes to disable existing resources.

By default, all items under Resource Name are collapsed but will expand when you click them. You can then select or deselect individual resource types under each category.

When you’re done, click Save provider settings. Your changes will be applied immediately.

Screenshot of the circled custom settings and Save provider settings button.

Customizing Default Providers

If you follow these steps, your changes will apply only to the organization you're in (the Organization Name you see when you first navigate to the Organization page).