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About Organization Bootstrap Scripts

This page explains how to add a bootstrap script for your organization. The script will run whenever a user in your organization starts a cluster in their account. This feature is useful for automating tasks, such as sending platform data to a specific location.


The steps included on this page should be completed by a PW platform administrator in your organization.

Navigate to your organization settings (Username > Organization).

Screenshot of the user selecting Organization from the User dropdown menu.

In Organization Settings, click Providers.

Screenshot of the user clicking the Providers tab.

In Providers, scroll down to the bootstrap section.

Screenshot of the blank bootstrap script section.

Enter your bootstrap script in the text box. This text will run as a bash script during cluster provisioning.

When you’re done, click Save. Your changes will be applied immediately.


If a user adds their own bootstrap script in a cluster’s configuration settings, the script you set with the instructions will run before the user’s added script.

Testing a Sample Bootstrap Script

You can test this feature with a simple script that echoes text in a designated file.

Enter the following command in the bootstrap script box:

echo "hello world" > /tmp/org-boot.out

exit 0

Click Save.

Navigate to the Compute page and start one of your clusters.

When the cluster is active, log in to the controller with ssh. For detailed instructions on that process, please see Logging In to the Controller.

After logging in, navigate to /tmp.

Read org-boot.out to see that it matches the echo command.


If you encounter errors during this test, please contact us.