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Attaching Storage

After you’ve created and configured a storage resource, you can attach it to one of your clusters.

Navigate to your cluster’s configuration page on the Compute page.

Screenshot of a user clicking a cluster in the Compute tab.

Click the Definition tab.

Screenshot of a user clicking the Definition tab of a cluster's configuration settings.

In the Attached Filesystems section at the bottom of the page, click + Add Attached Filesystems.

Screenshot of the user selecting the + Add Attached Filesystems button.

Two new parameters will appear: Storage and Mount Point.

Screenshot of the fields Storage and Mount Point appearing in a cluster's configuration settings.

Use the Storage dropdown menu to select which storage resource to attach to this cluster. Please note that only storage resources that match your cluster’s CSP will be shown (for example, an AWS cluster will only show AWS FSx for Lustre or AWS Elastic Filesystem).

Use the Mount Point field to enter the directory where the storage will be mounted in the cluster’s controller and compute nodes. Please note that the mount point should be an absolute path.


You can add or remove persistent storage resources while a cluster is running. You cannot do so with ephemeral storages.

Verifying Storage Mounts

After you've logged in to your cluster, you can run the following command to verify that the storage is mounted correctly:

df -h

After you enter the command, you should see the storage mounted at the Mount Point you defined.

Mounts are updated every 45 seconds. If you very recently attached a storage resource to a cluster, there may be a short delay before you see your storage in the mount list.