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Starting and Stopping Clusters

Starting Clusters

Navigate to the module My Compute Resources on the Home page. Click the power button of the cluster you'd like to start.

Screenshot of inactive cluster in Computing Resources module. The power button is grayed out and the stopped bubble on the right is red.

You'll see the message Starting [Cluster Name]. While the cluster starts, the power button will flash green, and the requested status bubble will turn yellow.

Screenshot of cluster starting up. The power button flashes green and the requested bubble on the right is yellow.


It may take up to 15 minutes for an AWS cluster to start and roughly 5 minutes for a Google cluster to start.

When your cluster is online, both the power button and the active status bubble will turn green. Now your cluster is ready to run workflows.

Screenshot of active cluster. The power button is solid green and the active bubble on the right is green.

Stopping Clusters

When your jobs are finished or you're ready to turn off any running clusters, click the power button. A dialog box will appear with the message Are you sure you want to turn off [Cluster Name]?

Click Turn Off to stop the cluster. You'll see the message Stopping [Cluster Name].

When you stop a cluster, any attached nodes that you'd started will be terminated. Any attached ephemeral storage resources will also be deleted. Only the data in persistent storage resources will remain. It’s important to copy any data you’d like to keep to persistent storage or to a remote location.


It’s essential to turn off the cluster when you’ve finished your work. Clusters that run unmonitored continue to accrue additional charges, which will be subtracted from your organization’s allotment.