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Restarting Your Workspace

Your user workspace is your dedicated environment for starting clusters, running workflows, and accessing your data on the platform. Each user’s workspace is separate from each other, so the work you do on the platform will never affect another user’s work.

This page explains how to restart your user workspace, which is useful if you’re experiencing issues like a cluster that won’t start or a workflow that won’t run.


All running clusters and jobs will be disrupted if you restart your workspace.

Navigate to your account settings (Username > Account).

Screenshot of the user select Account from the User dropdown menu.

In your profile settings, click Restart Workspace.

Screenshot of the user clicking the Restart Workspace button.

A dialog box will appear with the message Are you sure you want to restart your workspace?

Click Restart. After the workspace has restarted, you’ll see the message User workspace killed.


If you restarted your workspace because you were experiencing errors and they aren’t resolved after restarting, please contact us or your PW platform administrator.