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Managing Notifications

The PW platform includes a customizable notification system for both our web interface and your PW-linked email address.

Navigate to your account settings (Username > Account).

Screenshot of the user selecting Account from the username menu.

In Profile Settings, click Notifications.

Screenshot of the user selecting the Notification Hub.

Here, you can manage past notifications as well as configure your notification settings.

Screenshot of the Notifications tab.

You can also reach the Notification Hub by clicking the bell icon in the navigation bar, then clicking Show More.

Changing Notification Settings

Scroll down to the Manage notifications section.

Screenshot of the Manage notifications section.

You can select how you would like to receive your notifications here. Web notifications appear under the bell icon and in the Notification Hub on the platform. Email notifications are sent directly to your PW email address.

By default, all options for Workflow, Scheduler, and Platform notifications are enabled as Web notifications. Click the checkboxes for Web and Email to enable or disable notifications.

For more customized settings, you can click a notification type and enable or disable its sub-types.

Screenshot of the expanded notifcation options.

When you’re done, click Save notification settings.

About Notification Types

Our notification system includes the types outlined below.

  • Workflows
    • Job Fail: If a workflow fails during start-up or run-time, this notification will be triggered.
    • Ready Interactive Workflow: Because interactive workflows can have longer start-up times, we’ve included this notification to send when an interactive session is ready to use.
  • Scheduler
    • Job Start/Finish: Job status notifications will be sent from the scheduler’s prolog and epilog scripts. This method requires no cluster side user action, and will send notifications about your jobs when selected.
    • —mail-type: This notification uses the Slurm flag --mail-type, which is set by the user on the cluster in order to send notifications when certain events occur. This method requires users to enter the --mail-type flag when calling salloc, sbatch, srun, or in their job scripts. For more information about these Slurm commands, please see Submitting Jobs via Slurm.
  • Platform
    • General Notification: These notifications include cluster start-up messages and run-time errors.