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About Default Resources

This page explains how to choose which resources new users will be able to access when they navigate to the Compute page. This feature is useful if you’ve configured a cluster in your account and want your organization’s users to have those configuration settings available.

When you choose a default resource for new users, a copy of that resource is made whenever you create new accounts. These default resources are separate; other users will not be affected if work is completed on a default resource or changes are made to its configuration settings.

Configuring Default Resources


The steps included on this page can only be completed by PW platform administrators and users with either the org:admin or org:settings role. For more information, please see About Group Roles.

Navigate to your organization settings (Username > Organization).

Screenshot of the user selecting Organization from the User dropdown menu.

In Settings, click the dropdown menu under New Users - Default Resources to see resources from your account.

Screenshot of the user clicking the dropdown menu Select Resources.

In the dropdown menu, click the resource you want to add for new users.

Screenshot of the user selecting a resource in the dropdown menu Select Resources.

The resource will appear in the list below the dropdown menu.

When you're done adding resources, click Save Default Resources. Your changes will be applied immediately.

Screenshot of the user clicking the Save Default Resources button.