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Q1 2024 News & Changes

· 2 min read
Olivia Shoup

We were excited to attend ACFEA WEST in February. Continue reading for more info and an overview of what changed at PW since January.

Picture from AFCEA WEST 2024 From left to right: Al Williams of the DIU, Nick Miller of AWS, Phyllis Rhodes, and Matthew Shaxted

Blog Update

Moving forward, we'll be making quarterly blog posts. This post covers February and March. Please see this post for January 2024 news and changes.



In February, PW President Matthew Shaxted and Phyllis Rhodes, our Director of Customer Engagement, attended the Western Conference and Exposition (WEST). WEST is a major communications and technical systems networking event co-sponsored by Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association(AFCEA) International and the U.S. Naval Institute.

We had great meetings with cloud service providers AWS, Azure, and GCP; partners; and our Defense Innovation Unit sponsor, Lieutenant Commander Al Williams. We also learned about many of the Navy’s technology challenges and where our new IL-5 certified offering will bring value.

Thank you to everyone we met at WEST!


Recent Changes

New Rockyimages are now available on our platform.

We’ve made the following changes for on-premises users:

  • AIM/LDAP syncer adaptations for on-premises user information
  • Scaling down of Kubernetes (K8s) user containers based on activity
  • Realtime, web-based SLURM job monitor across all clusters
  • Dynamic dropdown menus for account and partition fields in the workflow forms
  • Session-by-session ability to tune VNC settings of the graphical display
  • Reporting of active users via email, based on inactivity period of 30 days

Upcoming Changes

We have six new Azure filesystems planned for May and June.