Parallel Works is driven by a mission to accelerate innovation with computing.

We are focused on enabling customers to compute to compete.

About Parallel Works

Parallel Works makes HPC platforms highly productive and easy to use by your domain experts without programming efforts. It enables you to create and/or use powerful workflow automation solutions, custom-tailored for your business. Its technology has been used to create turnkey, pane-of-glass solutions for biomedical, AI, financial, logistics, engineering, materials science, and geospatial applications.

Parallel Works is based on the Swift parallel scripting language and the Parsl parallel scripting library, technologies developed by the Computation Institute of the University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory. Our goal is to build a sustainable business that enhances the design, research and development efforts of our customers while supporting the development and innovation of parallel computing technology.


We are based in downtown Chicago at 1871, the bustling center for technology and entrepreneurship. We launched the company through an early investment from the Chicago Innovation Fund and are grateful for the continued support and guidance of those at the Polsky Exchange, 1871, and advisors throughout the Chicago area. 

Our growing team is comprised of technology, industry and business leaders. We have a laser focus on building tools that improve the accessibility of HPC to accelerate global productivity and innovation.

Help us build the platform for the next generation of technical & scientific computing

Does big computing excite you? Do you love solving complex technical challenges? Want to help build a transformational platform from the ground up?  We’re looking to grow our early team of technical engineering and sales.

You can find more information on our open jobs here.


Check out some of the latest press coverage on our mission towards democratizing HPC:

Research institutions that pioneered the use of HPC for top-tier users are well-positioned to widen the market by making their services and products more accessible to SMBs.
Parallel Works’ platform takes supercomputing to the software-as-a-service, pay-per-use model, thus removing talent and resource maintenance costs typically associated with big machines
Utsav Gandhi, CHICAGO INNO
Parallel Works customers can run advanced simulations on large-scale computing resources without specialized skills in parallel programming and computer science.
Now many private companies have access to the tools that allow them to do sophisticated computer modeling on commercial products.

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